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Destiny Industries produces modular homes as well as HUD homes. Manufactured modular homes are built in Destiny’s plant, and are then transported to a home site/location. These system assembled homes are comprised of both single and multi-family homes. In contrast, HUD homes are built to the specifications of HUD codes. They feature two classes of HUD homes: the Timberline series and the Southern Pines series. The manufactured HUD class homes range in size from approximately 700 square feet up to 1500 square feet+.

Fleetwood homes are built to last. This company has been in business for more than 55 years. Over the decades, Fleetwood has provided homes for greater than 1.5 million people and families. They construct their homes in weather-protected facilities. This is to ensure that all the building materials are protected. All the final products are thoroughly inspected.

 Clayton is yet another trusted company that provides solid, quality homes for its many customers. Just in 2015 alone, Clayton erected 34,000 homes through the U.S. Clayton, like our other manufacturers, has been in business for many decades.